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Why professional headshots are important?

First impressions matter. That’s why it’s important to distinguish yourself from others, including online. One way to do that is with corporate headshots. Here are some reasons why you should invest in professional headshots.


What better way to show that you’re professional than by having a professional headshot? Taking a selfie or having a friend take your picture for your website, LinkedIn profile, or Facebook business page looks amateur and suggests you don’t take your online presence seriously. However, a professional corporate headshot is eye-catching and suggests competence.



Sometimes all you get is one shot—one chance to gain somebody’s attention. That could be a recruiter perusing through online CVs or it could be a potential client looking at websites or Facebook pages. A well done corporate headshot could be the thing that makes that recruiter or customer stop on your page and read your information. Don’t risk being passed over by having a bad corporate headshot.  



Whether you’re searching for a job or looking to acquire more customers, your online presence needs to sell you. Be memorable! Your headshot should sell your brand. You’re not only selling what you do, but who you are. Have an image that displays that. It could be the power suit that illustrates your executive appeal, or perhaps it’s a more stylized image for your career in arts or fashion. All professional headshots are not equal. Discuss with your headshot photographer the look you’re going for. If you’re seeking employment, indicate the career path you’re interested in. If you’re getting a headshot for your business, show the photographer the website or a brochure to get a feel for your workplace and the tone you want to set. Discuss what it is you want to achieve in a headshot. Headshots should never be gimmicky, but small touches can make a big difference, such as the background, clothes, and facial expressions.

Don’t underestimate the importance of well executed corporate headshots in Detroit. It is an investment that will demonstrate your level of professionalism, show your brand, and leave a lasting impression

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What are you going to wear?


What (and what not) to wear in your headshot

A professional headshot portrait is often a necessary step in the growth of your career. Headshots can be used on company websites, social media and business cards. These portraits offer a personalized touch to businesses, allowing customers to connect services and big companies with the individual behind the work. However, getting a good headshot isn’t necessarily as easy as snapping a quick photo.

The right clothes, look, and an experienced headshot photographer are all necessary in getting that perfect picture. A lot of my clients ask, “But what are the right clothes, the right look?”  I’ve compiled some of my favorite tips in the sections below. Follow these tips below for great looking headshots, and get that perfect picture every time.

No turtlenecks or boxy, plain shirts...

Turtlenecks or boxy, plain shirts are unflattering, especially through a camera lens. I find that classic cut suits for both men and women are universally flattering and never go out of style. Choose suits that don’t wrinkle or bunch when sitting down. Choose the classic colors, like navy and gray. Shirts and ties (for men) should coordinate with the suit. A very classic look for men is a white shirt, unbuttoned and a dark blazer, very chic. Keep tie patterns simple with bright, bold colors because too many patterns can be distracting. V-neck shirts are typically very flattering for women, but make sure it’s not too low cut. 


Jewelry should be flattering rather than distracting. Sometimes it’s better to get a headshot taken with no jewelry. For women, makeup can be tricky when getting their headshot done. I suggest wearing the same amount of makeup one would wear each day and keeping eyeshadow and lipstick in neutral, soft hues. Too much makeup may divert from the subject of the portrait—you! Keep it simple and professional.

Photographer Experience

All of these tips are important in achieving a great headshot, but my most important piece of advice when looking for professional headshots is to find a great photographer. Photographers should be experienced, but they should also be able to make their subjects relax. A relaxed subject is a happy subject, and that is key in getting a great picture.

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Types of Sessions

Studio Portraits | Environmental | Corporate Headshots


In-Studio Sessions

Usually taken at our studio, we have a variety of backgrounds to work with as well as around the outside of our studio.  These range from the 'traditional'/distinguished looking portraits, to the more modern/fun (yet timeless) backgrounds.

You will see several examples and samples when you visit for your consultation.  We we get together, we will discuss what you hope to accomplish with the session.  It is through this session, I will gain an understanding of you goals, the type of session we are looking for, and more importantly - where these images will be displayed.  

Many times for our clients, this may be the first time they have had formal photographs of themselves/family.  Don't worry!  It is with these types of initial conversations that will make you feel at ease when the session actually happens.  We will direct you through the session in a relaxed, stress free environment (even with young children involved...).


Environmental Portraits

(aka On-Location...)

This session refers to the location of a specific shoot as well as a 'style' of using natural light as the primary source.  Typically captured outside, on location in a park, or city-scape, this look can also be captured in a home, using a large window.

These can also be at your location.  Perhaps the lobby, boardroom or office.

Deciding on what type of session is 'better' happens with our conversation and what you are looking to get out of the session and any particular look you are desiring.

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Teams & Groups

Having a consistent look to your teams headshots portrays a single message to your clients.  We love going on-site and capturing your team in your environment.  This is an opportunity to showcase your space and your team in one photograph.​

Deciding on what type of session is 'better' happens with our conversation and what you are looking to get out of the session and any particular look you are desiring.

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Pricing & Packages

Corporate Engagements

Are you looking for a consistent look and feel for your employees images on your website/marketing materials?  We can photograph you team on site, after working with you to design the right look and feel for your company's image.  Click below, and let's start a conversation on how we can help.

Custom Pricing Package

Expand Your Brand Package

Your brand says a lot about what you have to offer.  What better way than set yourself apart than with an in-depth look at your brand.  In this session, we will be taking advantage of several looks including on-location, studio based and/or environmental for an all-inclusive experience.  Prior to this session, we will have a 30 minute consultation, discussing your goals, look and style that is to be portrayed in your images.


All About You

​Are you looking for several different looks in one session?  Perhaps you also are in need of some digital cut-out services for marketing brochures or websites; this session is for you!  It includes 10 Digital images.


The Basics

​Are you looking to update your headshot?  This basic package allows for a quick in & out session, and includes 3 re-touched, digital images sent to you/where you need them in a 24 Hour turnaround time.



Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Winship Studio?

Winshop Studio has been a part of Clarkston, Michigan since 1969 and we have repeatedly been voted the best portrait photographer in town. We specialize in portrait photography including seniors, families, headshots and team headshots, and weddings for our clients.

Who is John Ransom?

John Ransom is a portrait photographer who, after working with the Winship’s, took over as the new owner of Winship Studio in late 2018 and is excited to continue the 50 year tradition here in Clarkston, Michigan. John is taking over after having a studio of his own for over 10 years, specializing in portrait photography.

What type of portrait photography does Winship Studio specialize in?

Winship Studios is a portrait photographer specializing in portraits, weddings, seniors, headshots and team headshots. We also photograph families and sports for our clients.

What are your hours of operation?

Winship Studio offers our portrait photography sessions to our clients by appointment only. We are open from Monday through Saturday for our portrait photographer sessions.

Where are you located?

Winship Studio is located at 7183 N Main St, Ste A, Clarkston, MI 48346, and we are open from Mondays through Saturdays. Our office is open by appointment only, so if you would like to get in contact with our portrait photographer for any of our photography sessions such as portraits, headshots, weddings, seniors, and more, please give us a call, email us, or use our contact form that is available on our website.

How do I schedule an appointment with you for a portrait session?

To schedule an appointment with our portrait photographer, please contact us by calling us at (248) 625-2825, emailing us at, or using our contact form on our website.

How do your photography sessions work?

When you choose Winship Studio as your portrait photographer, whether it be for a wedding, senior portraits, headshots, or just family portraits, we will first start with a pre-consultation to agree upon what you are looking for in your photographs. During the pre-session consultation, we will go over things like wardrobe, location, style, the overall 'look and feel' of the photographs, as well as what is most important: where will these photographs be displayed? After we have talked about what you want from our portrait session, it is time for photography day! Our professional portrait photographer will be there to direct and guide you through the session to capture the most natural looks.After we have taken your photographs, we will then narrow them down to select them for “The Big Reveal!” During this time, we will finalize the collection of photographs you have chosen to be displayed in your home or office and put your order together. When you place your order with us, you should receive it within a 2 week time frame. You can view more about our photography sessions and how they work on our ‘About’ page!

Can I order my photographs online?

We appreciate you choosing Winship Studio to be your portrait photographer, and we are so excited for you to display your new portraits of your wedding, senior, headshot, or team headshots in your home or office! Unlike some portrait photographers, we do not offer online ordering of your photographs. We will show you your photographs in-person because this makes the ordering process much more convenient, and you will receive your portraits faster!