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Special Announcement - PhotoDay Changes for 2019


After talking with Wendy and several parents: This year, we are changing the way we process PhotoDay and doing so, we are announcing our “First Year Package Pricing Specials”


Major Changes:

The envelopes are gone.  We are moving to a photo proofing system.  Meaning: You will now be able to SEE all of your dancer’s photos BEFORE placing an order.  This is a critical step as we offer a more customized photo experience for you and your dancer. (see the examples in the catalog/banners in the studio).


How does this work?

We will be taking 4-6 photos of EVERY dancer, in each of their costumes.  The proofs will be printed and available the very next day for your review (see the schedule below).  When your dancer is done with all of their classes/photos, visit our table to see all of the proofs.  We will be there to answer questions and walk you through the ordering process.


This new process will allow you to see various poses, choose from a variety of costumes and customize your order with the look and feel that will capture your dancers year in a very special manner.


Special Pricing

As a thank you and way of introducing this new platform: we have updated our order forms to reflect this new approach and introductory pricing.


Photo Proofing/Ordering Schedule:

Photos from your dancer’s class will be printed/available the next day for your review.  We will have a table set up in the Dance Studio on the following days.


April 20        10:00AM - 3:00PM (competition team photoday)

April 29 - May 2    4:00PM - 8:00PM Photo Week 1

May 6 - May 9        4:00PM - 9:30PM Photo Week 2

May 13 - May 15    4:00PM - 7:00PM Order Week

During these 3 weeks, you may view/place your order at any time after your dancer has completed all of their costume/class photos.  Orders placed during this time will be delivered at the recital.  (subject to some specialty merchandise production times/availability) 

Fine Print: Orders placed after May 15th will not qualify for the special first year pricing and will not be delivered at the recital.  Additionally, the proof sheets will be discarded after May 31st.

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