Welcome Wyngate "Family"

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Free Porch Portraits!  


Saturday, April 4th - 10AM - 4PM


Hello Neighbor!  My name is John Ransom, I live in Wyngate, on Sunridge Court, and am the (relatively) new owner of Winship Studio here in Clarkston, a full service photography studio.  


These are some trying times we are going through as a community.  During this time, we have all adapted to make the best of these conditions by staying inside to keep our community safe.  With this in mind: I wanted to do something that marks this point in our life so we can look back and remember it.  


Picture Time!

To do that: I would like to take your family portrait on your front porch.  Don’t worry - I will stay in the street, respecting our social distancing requirements.


How will this work?

First: I have laid out our subdivision in Zones which I will be following on Saturday.  Check out the “Zone Map” below to see what Zone you are in.  

Second: Click or type/go to the link below, and complete the online form.  This will let me know who is interested in participating.  Before Saturday, I will email you a more detailed schedule, letting you know when to be out front, on your porch, ready to go!


At your scheduled time, I will be out front & we will chat (again, from the street…), & I will take some photos & we will have some fun.  We will take a couple ‘serious’ pics, & certainly a few fun ones!  The whole process will take about 10ish minutes.


What will you wear?

Wear what you and your family are wearing to get through these times.  After all, these are your photos and memories for the future to remind you how you made it through these interesting times.  Feel free to have some fun with it: wear your PJ’s, your ‘mask’, superhero costume, your Sunday best - whatever you want!  Oh, don’t forget the dog, or cat, or hamsters, they are in this as well!!


How do you get the photos?

On Sunday, you will get a link to an online gallery where you can view your photos and download any/all of the photos to do whatever you want to with.  Or, if you prefer, you can order prints from me and they will be sent directly to your home from my professional lab.


Can’t make those times?

Even quarantined, life gets in the way.  If you can’t make this Saturday during those times - email me and let’s see if we can reschedule a time that would work for you.


Email Questions: john@winshipstudio.com

Approximate Photo Times

Zone 1 10AM-11AM

Zone 2. 11AM-12PM

Zone 3. 12PM-1PM

Zone 4. 1PM-2PM

Zone 5. 2PM-3PM

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