Family Portraits

Winship Studio is Oakland County's premiere family portrait photographer.

A Family Portrait is the most important part of your home decor. Your family is special and unique. A story of success, struggles to achieve, and ultimate triumph. Don't settle for an ordinary "Family Picture" to portray the extraordinary nature of your family. Call for a consultation and we'll discuss what things characterize the culture of your family. Together, we will make plans to create a portrait that celebrates the unique identity of your family.

Do's & Don'ts

  • Do: Select the sitting that best fits your needs beforehand (call for info).

  • Do: Reserve your time - call to set an appointment. All sittings must be pre-paid. We accept Visa, Mastercard, checks and cash.

  • Do: Visit the studio before your sitting. You can use that time to look at our sets and browse through our sample books. This may help you determine what outfits you'd like to bring with you.

  • Do: Borrow an empty pair of frames from your optometrist (if you wear glasses). This way, you can be sure there will be no glare in any of your photos.

  • Do: Dress to the floor - that is, be sure to match your shoes and socks to your outfits; they will often show in the pictures, and you don't want to see white socks with a dark suit!

  • Do: Remember to bring any props, accessories, friends, and pets with you. Feel free to bring your favorite CD's as well, so we can play them during your sitting.

  • Don't: Worry about braces - they can be removed from your photo for a nominal fee; inquire with our receptionists for more information.

Following these simple steps will make the whole process of having your family portrait taken a good experience for everyone involved!

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